Best Headphones 2017: The Best In-ear and On-ear Headphones You Can Buy Today

Nowadays, music is everywhere. With services like Tidal or Apple Music, you may listen to the favorite songs at all times. But, you cannot always play music through speakers since this can disturb your partners or neighbors. So, a set of headphones will come in handy. For listening to music on the gym or cancelling noise in a plane, an earphone or headphone will tick all the right boxes. Unlike the terrible earbuds, the best headphones will give you great bass or crystal-clear highs and then bring great music to your life. There are many great headphones on the market in a wide design of in-ear, on-ear and over-ear models. I have collected the best headphones you can buy for each type, so this makes things easier.

The best in-ear headphones to buy

SoundMAGIC E10: The best in-ear headphones under £30


  • I first give the E10s on this list, because their sound quality almost as good as the Shure SE215 in-ears but cost less. So, you can pick up an earset for under £30. There’s no reason to buy the bundled earphones and let it come with your smartphone.
  • The E10s are fantastic earphones in the price range. You can add a set of sound-isolating ear foams to this models. This helps increase the headphones to block noise. Though Soundmagic does not include any in the box, the E10s can be compatible with the T-400 Comply fitting. They bind to standard silicone tips. This does a good job, but for £15 or above you may change them into superb isolating in-ears.
Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2: Brilliant sound quality for under £50

  • The Rock Jaw Alfa Genus offers three different filters. They have a tangible effect on the sound produced. I am not fond of the Enhanced Bass tuning filter, but the Reference and Neutral filters have sound quality far beyond what you expect for earphones in this range. This makes the Rock Jaw Alfa Genus great for the price range.
  • The build quality for a cheap pair of headphones is respectable. Also, it has an integrated remote. The remote can be compatible with iOS and Android devices. The Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 is the favorite in-ear headphone with reasonable price.
Plantronics BackBeat FIT: The best sports headphones for under £100

  • The Plantronics BackBeat FIT headphone is one of the most comfortable headphones you should wear for sport. They sit over the top of the ears. They stay secure and nice and the rubberized finish is lightweight and flexible.
  • They may be not isolating. If you are a road-based runner, you might get a grasp on your surroundings. Their sound quality is excellent enough to rate your heart racing. The best news is that the price has decreased because of its original release. And it may be around £60. This is a veritable bargain.
Gibson Trainer Ti100: The best in-ear headphones for running

  • As Usain Bolt endorses the items, it may be not surprising when they juice up your listening towards running. In the same vein, they have the specific runner-friendly features such as a mode that lowers the volume and bass and a flashing LED light.
  • A solid fit and wingtips keep these secured. You do not need to worry about annoying cables getting caught since they are Bluetooth. A handy magnetic clip helps them keep the little cable from flapping around.

The best on-ear headphones to buy

Skullcandy Grind: Snazzy on-ear headphones for under £40


  • For under £40, the Skullcandy Grind sounds better than you can expect in this price range, but rivaling headphones cost far more.
  • They have an exciting design in a variety of colors. Thanks to the generously padded earpads, you may find them comfortable. With a built-in microphone, you will use it for hands-free calling with a one-button remote. This mic can also skip tracks.
AKG K451: The best on-ear headphones under £50
  • If you need a simpler design compared to the Skullcandy Grind, the AKG K451 may be a good option in this case. They are a few years old now, but this does not mean that they are not a great budget on-ear choice. They are often available for a bargain price to boot since they get on a bit.
  • They come with a quality hard travel case. The compact and folding design make them a great choice for regular commuters. The commuters usually need an audio upgrade over their pack-in headphones. You can use an inline microphone and remote control to skip tracks and make hands-free calls as well.
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