Best headphones 2017: The best Over-ear and Wireless headphones you can buy today

The best over-ear headphones to buy

Denon AH-MM400: The best over-ear headphones under £300
  • The wood-effect material can not be the idea of a classy earset. But the Denon AH-MM400 headphones have their striking sound quality with potential fashion faux pas. Music brings realistic and full-bodied sound from the highest treble to the deepest bass. From that, a variety of rival closed-back over-ear headphones usually struggles to spread sounds far and wide. But the AH-MM400 does not have such problems.
  • They can be compatible with both headphone amps/DACs and smartphones as well. With the range price of under £400, they are amazing headphones. Plus, they are almost £200, so they are outstanding.
Blue Microphones Mo-Fi: Kooky, yet brilliant over-ear headphones £299

  • The Mo-Fi headphones bring amazing sound because of Blue Microphones’ debut pair of cans. And the integrated amplifier will make your music lustrous. In the low-quality tracks of your collection, the Mo-Fi may bring the distortion out.
  • The model sounds better than the Beats By Dr. Dre Studio headphones, which are in the same price range.
SoundMAGIC HP151: Fantastic headphones for the home £120

SoundMAGIC is superior for their ultra-affordable E10 earphones. At £120 price range, the designs may be affordable. But they do not sound fantastic for the price. With a wide and deep sound, the level of sound sets them out from the rest. If you think they are open-back headphones, they may be that good.

  • The sound presentation is precise because the bass or treble frequencies not sounding overdone. The ample is on the ear pads and the PU leather material is on the headband. You will find the HP151 comfortable to wear for long listening sessions.
  • With 2.5m-long removable cable, it is excellent for setting up at home. But it will not restrain you from taking it on commutes. If you need headphones for home use and do not have enough big budget, the HP151 may be a great choice for you.
Creative Sound BlasterX H5: The best gaming headphones under £100

  • The earset is not just for listening sessions. With good quality, it is great for gaming, too. In the same vein, you will see that gaming headsets offer you a benefit. When it comes to garish lights and other superfluous additions, many gaming headsets are often over-embellishing. But the H5 are reserved in a surprising way. Besides, the sound quality for films or music is superior. When you play a game, you may use the headphone as a headset and plug in your microphone.
  • With better drivers and an improved microphone, the H5 Tournament Edition is the new the design of H5. If you want to buy a new H5, I suggest this version.

The best wireless headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35: The best wireless, noise-cancelling headphones £290

  • Bose can be compatible with the active noise-cancelling headphones. The company giving noise-cancelling technology is some of the best out there. They usually make commuting in a slight way. But you may deal with the inconvenience of cabled headphones until the release of the QC35.
  • With the Bluetooth spec, the Bose QC35 can cut the cord. The resulting headphones are comfortable with great noise cancellation. The life span of battery on the headphone is great at 40 hours using the optional wire and at 20 hours when using the wireless.
Philips Fidelio M2BT: Wire-free and super-comfortable £194

  • The first Philips Fidelio M1BT was one of the great Bluetooth wireless headphones. And the M2BT advances that formula. They not only sound fantastic, but also are comfortable with decent battery life.
  • With integral controls in the earcup, you can change volume and tracks in a convenient way. And an amazing microphone built-in is the convenience of hands-free calling.
Plantronics BackBeat Sense: Excellent wireless headphones for under £150
  • At £130 range, the Plantronics BackBeat Sense has great value for its feature set and performance. Its sound quality is good for the money. The headphones are superior with a helpful travel pouch.
  • The headphones bring many useful features for the money. If you take the headphone off your ears, the headphones will pause listening sessions.
Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II: Cracking wireless headphones for under £250

  • You will find the Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II comfortable and well-built. Thanks to a noise-cancelling microphone during calls, their hands-free calling performs in an excellent way.
  • The sound quality is amazing. The SoundLinks is a great choice for commuters because of having a convenient carry case. The life of the battery is excellent. And thanks to the 3.5mm auxiliary cable, you can listen to music once the battery dies.
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